Foundation Year 2 Blog

Foundation Year 2 Blog

Question of the week

The children were asked how to stop the Gingerbread Man running away. We decided to make lots of Gingerbread Men so that if one ran away we would still have more!

The children helped write a list of ingredients and mixed them all up. The smell was delicious!

We couldn’t resist eating them all up!

Co-co the puppy

We have a new pet in our class called Co-co, he is a puppy and likes to meet different families and people. Each week on a Friday he will go home with one of our class pupils and have adventures. He has his very own book for families to record his adventures in! He also has lots of bits and bobs in his bag. Please look after him and return him on Monday so we can find out  about what he has been up to!

Messy Science

This morning F2 teamed up with Year 6 to investigate how different solids and liquids travel down ramps. The children were given a list of different liquids and solids and they made predictions which would travel the quickest and slowest and why.

In teams they explored what happened and found the flour and sand travelled the quickest, while the shampoo, custard and yogurt were really slow!

Amazing Science fun even though we got very messy!!!! 🤓


The children started British Science Week by making gloop, they made it using cornflour and water. We talked about how it moved and felt! More experiments tomorrow involving custard, ice cream and jelly!

Sugar Mice!

Our Rhyme of the Week has been Three Blind Mice. To celebrate the rhyme we made sugar mice (royal icing). The children made the mice by rolling etc and added details like the eyes and mouth. The children loved the texture and smell of the icing! Yum yum 🐀

Happy Chinese New Year!

The children loved tasting the Chinese food. They talked about the flavours and what they liked and disliked. They made dragons and wrote Chinese letters and words!