Year 3 and 4 Curriculum

Year 3 and 4 Curriculum

Rowan Class Teacher: Miss Tappin
Teaching Assistant: Miss Jones

Hazel Class Teacher: Mr Eisenberg and Miss Ball
Teaching Assistants: Miss Charters and Mr Carrington

Spring Term Curriculum

Summer Term Curriculum

The Structure of our School Day

Our teaching day and registration begins at 8:50am and ends at 3:30pm. Every morning the children within Years Three and Four begin the day with a Morning Challenge. This is a short and focused activity that engages the children straight away. The remainder of the morning sessions are used for focused English and maths lessons (these include: grammar, guided reading, and writing, as well as reasoning, problem solving and basic skills within mathematics). In the afternoon, we actively take part in all other subjects.

Year 3/4 using the outdoor environment for our number line work!

Expectations in Years Three and Four

Within Rowan and Hazel, we:

  • expect all children to take great pride in their work;
  • know that all children will learn how to present their work and will be expected to maintain these standards throughout the year;
  • believe that home learning tasks should be presented as though it is a piece of classwork. Any home learning that is below expected standard will be returned to be done again. This may be done during playtime.

Home Learning

Home learning is essential in reinforcing key skills and concepts that have been taught within school, and feel that it is important that they reflect current priorities within both schools.

  • Each class will work on developing their basic skills in both maths and English. As mentioned earlier, it will reinforce the work completed in lessons. There will be occasions where home learning will include other areas of the curriculum.
  • Homework will be given out on Monday and will be due in on Friday (of the same week) at the latest. We encourage you to support your child, but please do not do it for them! Home learning will be shared and reviewed as a whole class.
  • My Maths also plays an important role in the delivery of maths home learning. If you are unable to complete the homework or do not have the appropriate technology at home, then please contact us and we can support your child within school time!

Our 5Rs

Everything that we do within our classes follow our ‘Woodslee Way’. In lessons, children who demonstrate our core values get appropriately praised and rewarded. We give out Dojo points to the children who work hard, and use Special Praise as a means of celebrating the achievements of specific children each week.

The Curriculum

In Chestnut, Sycamore and Birch classes, we aim to deliver an exciting and inspiring curriculum where all our children are motivated and eager to broaden their knowledge, skills and understanding. Please click on the attached image to find out more about what we are learning about this year:

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