Curriculum Approach

Curriculum Approach

Our Approach

At Co-op Academy Woodslee, we want our parents to understand the curriculum and what it means for your child/children.

What’s Expected


  • Stronger emphasis on vocabulary development, grammar, punctuation and spelling (for example, the use of commas and apostrophes will be taught in KS1)
  • Handwriting – is expected to be fluent, legible and speedy
  • Spoken English has a greater emphasis, with children to be taught debating  and presenting skills


  • Five-year-olds will be expected to learn to count up to 100 (compared to 20 under the current curriculum) and learn number bonds to 20 (currently up to 10)
  • Simple fractions (1/4 and 1/2) will be taught from KS1, and by the end of primary school, children should be able to convert decimal fractions to simple fractions (e.g. 0.375 = 3/8)
  • By the age of nine, children will be expected to know times tables up to 12×12
  • Calculators will not be introduced until near the end of KS2, to encourage mental arithmetic


  • Strong focus on scientific knowledge and language, rather than understanding the nature and methods of science in abstract terms
  • Evolution will be taught.
  • Non-core subjects like caring for animals will be replaced by topics like the human circulatory system

Design & Technology         

  • Afforded greater importance, setting children on the path to becoming the designers and engineers of the future
  • More sophisticated use of design equipment such as electronics and robotics
  • In KS2, children will learn about how key events and individuals in design and technology have shaped the world



  • modern foreign language or ancient language (Latin or Greek) will be mandatory in KS2
  • Children will be expected to master basic grammar and accurate pronunciation and to converse, present, read and write in the language

Reading Schemes

As part of our Oxford Reading Scheme and resources we would like to introduce parents to the Oxford Owl Website

On this site there are free resources for parents to access including e-books.  You need to register on the site with your email and a password.  You do not need a school login for the free resources.  The e-books are an exciting opportunity for children to read on a tablet or PC.

We encourage parents to explore the Oxford Owl website as it has many freely available e-books that children can read and enjoy at home.

We also use the Lighthouse Reading scheme for many of our guided reading sessions in KS1.


At Co-op Academy Woodslee we use the Jolly Phonics programme from Foundation One. The key advantages of this system is that it teaches the children all the main letter sounds early on and relates the sounds to symbols. The programme is linked very closely with letters and sounds.

At Co-op Academy Woodslee, children take part in a daily phonics lesson and have opportunities to regularly apply this.

When the children are ready, we use visual resources from the Phonics Play website.

You’ll find further useful information below:

Letters and Sounds

Phonics Support for Parents


Homework is an important part of our Co-op Academy Woodslee curriculum.

The objectives of homework are to:

  • Consolidate learning
  • Prepare for new learning
  • Research to prepare for and more importantly to extend and enrich learning
  • Revise, practise and memorise skills and learning
  • Apply learning in new contexts and to new problems
  • Investigate own interests stemming from core learning
  • Pre-learn to ensure classroom success and participation
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