Local Governing Body

Our governors are responsible for the management of the business of the academy, including adopting an annual plan and budget, monitoring the academies by the use of targets and budgets and senior staff appointments.


Trust Governance

Find out more about our Co-op Academies Trust governance, on our trust website. Governors and Governance

Current Governors and Duties

Name Term Start Term Ends Claire Henderson 01/12/2018 30/11/2022 Susannah McShane 01/12/2018 Ex-Officio Sarah Wolstenholme 01/12/2018 30/11/2022 Jerry Quayle 01/12/2018 30/11/2022 Jennifer Bather 01/12/2018 30/11/2022 Rachel Kelly 01/12/2018 30/11/2022 Daniel…