Welcome from our Director of the Trust

The Co-op’s involvement in education dates back to 1844 when a pioneering group of workers from Rochdale, known as The Rochdale Pioneers, made the decision to open their customer owned  shop on Toad Lane. This was in an effort to provide cheaper and better quality food for ordinary working people who were struggling to pay for essentials.

In an effort to raise education standards, a reading room was added to the shop with people coming at night to learn by candle light. Soon after, these shops began to spread across the North of England and reading rooms became an important part of the shop.

This is the origin of the Co-op’s involvement in education and why it is proud to be the sponsor of Co-op Academies Trust.

If you choose one of our academies I can guarantee we will offer the best education possible. We will do this in co-operation with you. It’s the way we work and we’ve been very successful so far!

Best wishes,

Chris Tomlinson

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